Sex trafficking is a horrific problem that happens in the shadows, in places we’d never suspect, and in numbers bigger than most of us would ever imagine. And, most shockingly, it’s happening all around us, in suburban Atlanta. Yet, due to the sensitivity of the subject, it’s an issue that gets less coverage and has less awareness than the problem demands.

Our Suburban Horror Story project educates people on how to identify and help prevent sex trafficking. Through an immersive theatrical experience, visitors get a taste of what this illegal industry entails, and what victims endure. Viewers should be disturbed by the very real things they’re seeing, no special effects or artificial sounds needed. It’s a living museum where visitors are also able to experience the house online and use their voice to demand an end to this shocking reality. Despite how awful the problem is, there is hope. 

360° Experience

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Atlanta mayor rolls out plan
to combat sex trafficking

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I was trafficked when I was 23 years old.

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23 MEN

arrested in Gwinnett sex trafficking ring


Trafficking Victim Saved

by flight attendant who found a note for help

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71 Arrested

in operation targeting child sex trafficking in Georgia

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juvenile girls on average are exploited each night in Georgia

Vice Article: Inside an immersive theater
project confronting sex trafficking
in suburbia

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DMST victims are often first exploited between 12-14 yrs old

A Victim's Story

Shandra's life as a sex trafficking victim

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Get Help.
Report a Tip,
Request Services


of men who buy sex from young people do so in and around suburban Atlanta


of DMST victims in Georgia were enrolled in school at the time of their exploitation

Tackling Trafficking

in metro Atlanta, which is known as a hub for the crime

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Victim Exhibit

to raise awareness at Atlanta Airport

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Trafficking in Atlanta:

Only a small percentage of trafficking happens near the airport

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The underground commercial sex economy in Atlanta generates

$290 million/yr

Soccer Coach

charged with trafficking teenage girls in California

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Learn more about
stopping sex trafficking

8 Women Found

in $1M Atlanta Mansion after 911 call for help

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According to FBI Statististics Atlanta ranks among Top 14
Cities in US

She figured
out that I was a
way of making
extra money...

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a discussion of sexual assault includes sex trafficking victims

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Agency Arrested

more people on child enticement than any other agency

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200-350 girls

in Georgia are sold online each month

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Aviation bands

together to end human trafficking

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7,200 Men

pay for sex with an adolescent female every month

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Ending the Game

The sex trafficking survivor going to war with "The Game"

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60 Arrested

in Georgia in FBI-led child sex trafficking opeartion

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"Everyone thought my dad was a saint."

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Traffickers in Atlanta
make an average of

$33,000 per/wk

"Someone was supposed to be there for me"

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Trafficking Bill

boosted by 60 Senator backers

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